Ninety-eight point nine percent of the time Weinland Park is incredibly quiet (I’ve figured this out mathematically). The happy goldfinches chirp and it’s generally delightful. One point one-percent of the time something goes crazy and this always coincides with out-of-town visitors. Discussions with neighbors have confirmed the phenomenon and we all have a story that  wouldn’t have happened except someone was visiting.  Last week my brother-in-law from Pittsburgh was packing his motorcycle when a three-wheeled Cadillac Escalade ran up in the neighbor’s treelawn having torn one wheel off when it hit a phone pole around the corner. Brother-in-law was impressed by the sheer noise of the dragging front-end, and the parking skills and foot speed of the fleeing driver. The police came, brother-in-law left, and the second graders, who couldn’t believe their initial good fortune, had to give the loose wheel back. It was 9:15 A. M., which left everyone with enough time to have a peaceful and pleasant day with a good story to share.