I’m not really sure National Night Out is supposed to do. Weinland Park holds their event during the Weinland Park Dawgs football practice.  Practice combined with 280 hamburgers and hotdogs guarantees an audience otherwise might be celebrating National Night Somewhere Else. The neighboring eponymous portion of Columbus has pony rides and an ice cream social for their NNO.  Not that ours lacks spirit but eating hot dogs with the white folk who are telling old hay baling stories might hold a limited allure for the urban youth of today. Nonetheless, it appeared that everyone had a fine time and one youth has been enlightened in the finer points of hay baler safety. That’s what they call diversity.

No good deed in Weinland Park goes unrecorded. Rumor has it that up to three documentaries are being made about the revitalization efforts. Posterity will be richer for the footage of me eating a hamburger, Crunchy Cheetohs, and drinking Grape Crush chased with Black Cherry Faygo.  It gets weird when though you notice those involved in the revitalization effort  from outside the neighborhood had their own picnic table beyond the documentation zone.  And they were drinking  EuroFizzy water while they watched.

Demonstrating that no team is safe if caught between between the Dawgs and their hamburgers. The Weinland Park Dawgs, released from practice, make a beeline for the snack table.