There are a fair number of houses burning down lately. In fact, the whole neighborhood this morning smells like burnt house.  While, admittedly, some of the houses are in poor condition it doesn’t help to destroy the fabric of the neighborhood, which is looking more and more like the part of Detroit below 7 Mile Road.The fire department thinks there might be an arsonist!

Corner of Fifth Street and Eight Avenue.

The City of Columbus Land Bank program owned the house in the center (since torn down) that burned down last week. Land bank houses are not usually well-secured if secured at all. The rationale being why spend money boarding up a house we’re just going to tear down. Short answer: Because someone will set it on fire and burn down the rest of the block.  Three houses ready for demolition.

North Fourth between Eight and Ninth

The house in the center actually got an arson poster. The house on the left has already been on fire and sits next to a city land bank lot, now used as a community garden which is next to a another burned out house.

House next to the Arawak Gardens on North Fourth. Four houses ready for demolition over five lots.

Up Next! Betting on what will catch fire this week!

Best future WP arson candidate. The last two houses on Grant near Fifth Avenue. Note the unsecured plywood kind of covering the door.

Chances 2-1. Might as well get the marshmallows ready for this one.

Blue house on the corner of North Fourth and Ninth.

The last house on this block that has not been set on fire. Almost the entire block between 8th Avenue and 9th Avenue could be redeveloped if it goes up in flames.

Chances 4-1, vacant but appears well-secured today.