This is the most dangerous bush in central Ohio

This week I noticed a news crew from WBNS Channel 10 filming a vacant house on Hamlet Street and the bushes in front of it. Since I didn’t notice a leg sticking out of the bushes or any police tape my curiosity was piqued.  Eventually, I asked the reporter about the story. In the most incredibly perky way she explained they were doing a story about safe routes for children to walk to school. They had identified the bushes, and the vacant house, as the best place in the neighborhood to abduct and kill children on their way to school. I was speechless, not a common occurence. There are problems in Weinland Park.  Burglary, gangs, poverty, the worst performing school in Ohio etc. They are the problems of every urban neighborhood. But having your child abducted from someone hiding in the bushes on Hamlet Street is low on the list. It is a made up story. Conceivably it is possible but you could also lose a child to a rogue muskie attack at Alum Creek beach. In fact, I always thought this was the type of thing that happened in the suburbs. So why don’t they shoot the story in Upper Arlington?

Sensationalism is a recurring theme in Weinland Park media coverage. Last year residents were cheered to see Fox28 cover the public meeting of the Weinland Park Mobility Plan. Hopes for a discussion about the pros and cons of converting Fourth and Summit streets to two-way traffic were dashed when the story was publicized as” city residents try to take back the streets from Columbus’ most dangerous neighborhood”. No mention was made that the clear and present danger to residents was speeders from Worthington or we just wanted a crosswalk. Or that when we did get our “mean streets” back we wanted a streetcar and a bike lanes on them.  Unfortunately the actual story, which a little investigative reporting might unearth,  is why aren’t the bushes trimmed on what is otherwise arguably the best maintained street in Weinland Park?

Channel 10 news team beats a hasty retreat from the most dangerous bush in central Ohio.

According the reporter the most dangerous bush in central Ohio will be televised during the week of August 23rd.