The Columbus Fire Department today held a training session in one of the houses purchased as part of the revitalization effort. The house, which has suffered fire damage and has foundation problems, might be a candidate for demolition. The firemen practiced cutting holes in the walls with saws and axes. Two other houses on Grant were used by the fire department for training and were burned down in the last couple months.  Apparently having the fire department burn down the house negates the need for any demolition permit or University District Commission review.  The problem house disappears in a literal puff of smoke. However, with all the fires in Weinland Park lately in seems in poor taste to burn down a few for practice. It would be nice to see houses, if they have to be demolished to be dismantled and the material reused.  While no one likes to see houses torn down it makes it a little less painful if it doesn’t go directly to the landfill or is burned down. Cleveland has been working on deconstruction for the last year or two.

Might also provide a few jobs in Weinland Park,  an area that can only have a higher than average unemployment rate.