This building is located on Indianola and Sixth Avenue in Weinland Park. Constructed ca. 1890-91 this brick building housed the McLaughlin Bros. Livery and Stable. Brothers James and John McLaughlin  sold Percheron draft horses imported from France until 1913. The  stable complex, this building and  a series of barns,  continued north to almost 7th Avenue.  In 1915, the  McLaughlin brothers switched transportation modes and founded the Central Auto Vehicle Company located on South Fourth Street.  The Columbus Automatic Reclosing Circuit Company used the building for manufacturing reclosing circuit breakers.  Reclosing circuit breakers reset automatically after being tripped and were ideal where changing a fuse constantly was impractical.  The common applications at the time  were refrigeration and street car lines. Most of the barns appear to have been torn down by 1922 except two, used as storage and a woodworking space respectively. The brick addition on the left-hand side was built at a later date.  The  Columbus Automatic Reclosing Circuit Company moved in 1936 to a newly-constructed West Fifth Avenue building whose design was based on the exhibition spaces at the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair.