It’s time for the long-awaited Weinland Park reality show, or so we can only hope.  The city is installing cameras throughout West Weinland Park to deter crime. Apparently East WP isn’t as exciting or perhaps because it is largely vacant.

Let’s review the future highlights.

D & J Cam

Obviously the a lot of the action is going to take place here.  With 22 police runs to the store alone last year, two homicides and countless assaults this is going to be the premier cam.

Hometeam Properties Cam

A close second to the D & J Cam but already fairly famous as the block as it’s own gang channel on YouTube:

Featuring the famous sheep video, a couple of beatdowns near the Schoenbaum Center, and a S.W.A.T. raid the channel provides some nice background if you’re just getting to know the neighborhood. It’s also helpful of you want to know what block not to walk down at 3:30 A.M.

Happy Mart Cam

Having been chased down Indianola twice last year for my $35 ten-speed bicycle, which would have been filmed, this cam ought to provide a more well-rounded view of the block. A fair amount of teenage loitering and pretty broad selection of consumer habits will be seen patronizing the Happy Mart. And remember, despite the name the Happy Mart is neither happy nor a mart. It’s a nasty-ass carryout.

Kelly’s Cam

One of the two Gateway to Weinland Park locations with a cam. Kelly’s Carryout; need we say more.

Some have wondered whether the cameras will just displace crime. There are still quite a few areas not covered by the cameras and quite a few absentee landlords willing to take the cash and turn a blind eye. It’ s a good bet that the perpetrators are going to move somewhere but will it be within Weinland Park or outside.