Every once in while it’s nice to get an update on what’s happening in Weinland Park about previous blog posts. Here we go.

The Park at Eighth and Hamlet

This got interesting almost immediately after the post when your blogger read in the Dispatch that Campus Partners had obtained the property, free of back taxes, in exchange for building between three and seven affordable homes. And while the mayor apparently promised a park when the apartment building on 8th and Hamlet was torn down there are various schools of thought, and money about greenspace.

In the meantime there’s going to be a little get-together, which ought to be interesting.

N4E8 Flyer-1

Tweeter’s Chicken Crib

Early reports have labeled Tweeter’s wings as, “everything that could wrong with a wing did go wrong” On the bright side it does appear that they do deliver at all hours of the day, just not in a timely manner.

Urban Quarrying

S & L have largely completed the wall. New pictures soon.

The trees and the elementary school

Chopped down! The Columbus schools landscaping crew reported that the trees were half-dead and there were complaints that during storms limbs would fall on cars. Trees do that. A more astute resident noted that the trees were good for catching errant gunfire as evidenced by the street sign. Perhaps when the city changes the sign we can change the name to East King Avenue as a marketing ploy.

Experiment! Let’s call 311 and see if we can get a sign that doesn’t have bullet holes in it. I mean, they could be really old and it makes the neighborhood look rough when it’s getting more pleasant.

October 19th, service request made. Granted in the larger scheme of things this is minor but it’s something I can actually do something about right now.

UPDATE: A new street sign has been installed! Thanks 311 for gussying up the neighborhood.