The two 18 unit apartment buildings at North Fourth and 8th are coming down in few weeks after the asbestos abatement is finished. There will be at least three but up to seven new infill houses of a type and income level to be determined. Ohio State’s Campus Partners is doing the developing.

Weinland Park Civic Association President Joyce Hughes surveys the building before the ceremony (actually on her way to move her car but surveying sounds more presidential).

Channel 10 gets ready for the announcement. Quite a few people came later including County Treasurer Ed Leonard and Columbus Department of Development Director Boyce Safford. There was a general sense of disappointment amongst neighborhood residents that the building was not going to be imploded (or exploded as there was one request for a bomb to be planted in it). Sadly neighborhood residents will have to settle for an excavator and dump truck demolition. The piles of dirt will be used to fill in the basements post demolition.