That’s right. Weinland Park has what Green Acres could never put together. Farming, fresh air, and shopping all almost downtown.

At various civic meetings the average Weinland Park resident hears approximately 160 presentations a year (not counting, just seems that way) for what sometimes seem to be various pie-in-the-sky ideas. When MORPC came in the summer and asked about community support for their HUD planning grant for an agrarian overlay for Weinland Park I just thought I’ll believe this when I see it but in the meantime sign us up.

Grant Street, mostly conjecture and wishful thinking.

Boy, was I ever surprised when it was awarded. MORPC received over three-quarters of a million dollars for planning an agrarian overlay for the WP.

Part of the plan is a farmers market at the D. L. Auld site. Unfortunately the plume of whatever you make enameled car headbadges  from is still underneath the building complex necessitating their removal. On the other hand it’s an opportunity for some innovative architecture at the southern gateway of Weinland Park.

The various urban gardens will support a restaurant and catering operation with a ready-made audience close by (read OSU).

Another portion of the proposal was a vertical garden to screen out the railroad tracks by the Columbus Coated Fabric Site.

There will also be nutritional classes for neighborhood residents.

Other agrarian ideas from your local blogger include the:

Weinland Park 4-H Club for the kids. This will give them some opportunities to participate in projects, take something to the fair and go to the 4-H Camp on Kelly’s Island.

Chickens at the community garden and barn at Hamlet and 8th Ave across from the Huckleberry House.

Making Middle West Spirits even more local by producing some tasty vodka additives in Weinland Park

An orchard

Think an agrarian overlay for Weinland Park isn’t going to work. Well, we have about 850,000 reasons (read dollars) why it will.