We’re getting familiar with the neighborhood and so let’s see what else is going on. We’ll need a place to move to and if we’re not the handiest then it might be nice to move into a new build in Weinland Park. It’d be nice if we got a discount too.

This proposed streetscape along Hamlet north of 8th Avenue will be matched by another group of five along North Fourth where the not-quite-yet-to-be imploded brick apartments are currently located. The houses will sell in the in the $80,000 range (maybe less, maybe more) range but thank to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program will be worth around $170,000. Meaning that you get around $90,000 of house for free plus Columbus’ most walkable neighborhood and eventually a farmer’s market down the street. So, in ten years or so who’s going to feel like a dimwit for not buying one now. The only catch is you must make less than 120 percent of the average median income in Columbus which for a family of four is around $80,000.

In the near future we’ll explore other housing opportunities in the neighborhood.  In the meantime, let’s vote on it!