Photo credit: Michaele Pride

Your local blogger attended a University of Cincinnati DAAP (that would be Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning)  final review this week where Weinland Park had been the subject for the quarter. There were a multitude of excellent ideas ranging from farmer’s markets to embedded LED strips in the streets. However, when queried at the end of the review as to what I would be taking back to the Weinland Park community as my suggestion to implement I picked one of them hands down.

Pictured above is the genius idea. Asking rhetorically, “who wants to live next to the railroad tracks” this budding architect (third from the left) proposes making the entire Columbus Coated Fabrics site into a pond with islands with rather large windmills on them. Sure, many of the ideas were practical but this one had vision. A pond is my vote.

You can see the other projects here on their blog: