Hey there, let’s make a deal. We’ve both got liquor establishments that some members of each community want to go away. Some Weinland Park residents are tired of the D & J and some Italian Village residents have complained about the Exile recently. There’s actually nothing wrong with either one in my opinion. It’s just the old location question again. Some businesses are better suited in different places at different times in a neighborhoods life. So Weinland Park will trade you the D & J Carryout for the Exile.

We’ll take it. The Exile on North Fourth.

Admit it, no OG is going to run his street level pharmaceutical business at Fourth and Eighth in front of a leather bar. Your local blogger is guessing they and many of their customers are just not that progressive. And here in Weinland Park we’re  looking for a more open-minded retail and restaurant customer to increase neighborhood diversity. While things have been incredibly quiet since the gang round-up last month the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep and it might just  be a matter of time before  the vacuum gets filled. That’s why a little economic development and a cultural expansion is in order.So you take the store and we’ll take the bar.

Seriously Italian Village commissioners, think about it. I’m sure you could get the D & J guy to add an espresso machine and fancier peach flavored cigars. And the D & J does have central Ohio’s largest selection of hair extension products; perfect for your advanced (read balding) hipster population.  And check it out Exile people, (see previous post photo) there’s space for tables and a patio out front – party time! It could be just the bump (and grind) Weinland Park needs.

Welcome to the neighborhood!