The dotted portion, which does not exactly delineate, but is pretty close shows the portion that could go to the city land bank. Mind you, a number of parcels are privately owned.

Going, going, gone…

The Weinland Park newsletter last fall reported that the stretch of New Indianola Historic District on 11th Avenue from North Fourth to Grant could be donated by Ohio Capital Corporation to the City of Columbus Land Bank. Since then the area has been in limbo and no one really seems to know what is happening.

Now what?

Well, if you were Campus Partners you could buy it with Neighborhood Stabilization Program II dollars and coupled with Federal or State historic tax credits and restore them making a nice historic gateway to Ohio State.


Some entity could convince the City of Columbus  Historic Resources Commission to demolish the entire stretch and build high-density student housing over retail like the South Campus Gateway which is also in accordance with the Weinland Park plan. Although it no appears that no one realized that the area was on the National Register of Historic Places when the plan was made.

They’re ugly, why not just tear them down?

Historic preservation, and restoring row houses is a proven economic generator. German Village anyone? They could be an effective foil to the mass of substandard student housing directly to the north and enable the neighborhood to develop into a healthy mixed income destination similar to Italian Village to the south. Especially if sophomores are moving onto campus. In the meantime they aren’t being maintained which is demolition by neglect according to the City Code.

The map shows that there is a lot of unused space, called yards by many, that isn’t being used. In real estate parlance the highest and best use of the area isn’t being utilized. Unfortunately, appraisals don’t always include the historic nature of a neighborhood. So it’s somewhat of trade-off. Does one keep the historic nature of the neighborhood or start over. And if federal funds, such as NSP II funds are used, who decides what goes in Weinland Park? Residents or developers?