Spring means Neighborhood Stabilization Program II time in Weinland Park and it started today on Hamlet Street. Formerly home to a neighborhood resident who played bullet tag (i.e. shooting at police cars for fun) in the summer of 2007 this single family home will look like this:

Farmhouse-1357 Hamlet Street Floor Plans

While it’s not a faithful restoration, the porch is a little smaller and moved front and center and a foyer is added it will be a marked improvement for the neighborhood. And hopefully the people that buy it will be a little more neighborhood friendly than the former New Albany investor/landlord/owner who never really cared that a 21 year old kid with no job paid the rent every month with a handful of cash.

If you’re interested in this piece of history in a quite delightful neighborhood just minutes from the Short North (actually you’ll already be in it) and the South Campus Gateway lottery applications are available now at the Ohio State Extension Office located on Grant Avenue just below 11th Avenue.