There are a lot of opportunities in the near future for service in Weinland Park and your local blogger has spent considerable time and effort breaking down the events so you know which upcoming one is right for you. I’d attend both if you’re able and both guarantee not only a fine time but the opportunity to make new friends, buy a house, and eat some of the local cuisine.

This isn’t like picking up trash in your own neighborhood. Our trash is much more interesting. But you won’t know that until you get here.

Let’s review the upcoming events. There’s “Rock the Block” and “Roots and Roofs”.  Both are fine opportunities to visit the neighborhood. Let’s compare.

What Rock the Block Roots and Roofs
When April 30, 2011 from 8-2:30 May 7, 2011 9 -2:30
Who’s responsible for this type of thing? Ohio State Undergraduate Student government in conjunction with Greek Week Weinland Park Collaborative .Call 614-299-2915 for info
What do I do? Pick up trash, plant flowers, make new friends. Pick up trash, plant flowers, work on community garden, check out cool houses selling for pennies on the dollar. Two hour shifts for the work portion.
Free stuff? Yes, sunglasses and water bottles Yes, literature about housing opportunities.
Snacks Breakfast and lunch provided Lunch for volunteers
Love Connection Possibilities Mostly OSU students Social service types and first time home buyers.
How do I get involved Be at the Ohio Union Great Hall meeting rooms at 8:00 AM for free stuff and breakfast. Be at the Godman Guild at 9:00 AM.Eat before you get there and bring a healthy snack.  The neighborhood is a food desert and you’ll need all your energy for gardening or walking.
Pros Better free stuff, OSU students easily convinced to stop for 10:00 AM drink at Oldfields. Less trash to pick up since other event should get the bulk of it. More opportunities for literature and you can buy a house, or start the process anyway.Good for older singles, empty nesters, hipsters, and Democrats
Cons More trash as this is the first big trash outing of the season. Starts pretty early too. No breakfast.
Unexpected fun things you should expect See nervous frat dudes in their first urban experience A heaping bowl of quinoa for lunch.
Should you do it? Yes, I’d have to pick up my own trash otherwise Yes, I’d have to pick up my own trash otherwise