For the second night in a row Weinland Park residents gathered in the A.M. hours to watch another fire. This time it was the 1923 brick four unit built by Charles Foster Johnson, who developed the now New Indianola Historic District. The building is located behind the D&J Carryout on Eighth Avenue. While it does have a sister building next to it this one had the original windows and sun rooms in the front.

It also knocked out the power to the neighborhood for six hours.

The ladder truck didn’t seem to have a whole lot of effect.

Not much left, Interestingly it was made of ceramic tile block with brick facing. Pretty much irreplaceable. It’s like a Roman ruin, or Detroit, depending on your daily outlook. I think the city is leaning towards Detroit.

The emergency demolition call is on its way in now. In all likelihood the apartment will be eventually replaced by single family housing so whoever torched it theoretically just displaced two future families.