Bouncy house shimmering in the distance marks the spot

August marks the Weinland Park Festival and it was a little different this year. Only one bouncy house and fewer tables peddling an array of services for local residenets. Since last year marked the Weinland Park Collaborative being rolled out quite a few local luminaries were present. This year only city council member Zach Klein* visited to the general approbation of the crowd. Besides being thanked for his work in the neighborhood a few Weinland Park local residents were also appreciative of his work in keeping open the Hudson Street Hooligans Club. Send him a check in your spare time, he’s running for re-election.

This is an oasis?!

Healthy snacks are the flavor of the day in the Weinland Park food desert. Last years festival featured hotdogs, chips, and every kind of Faygo pop ever made. This year the main course was pasta salad with leaves and an ear of corn. There was an option for an apple or a banana. No chips in sight. On the bright side the lines were shorter and the corn was quite tasty.


A line with something awesome at the end; two kinds of Jeni’s ice cream, salty carmel and chocolate gelato. Weirdly enough many of the youngsters sucked the ice cream out of the cone before discarding it. A teachable moment for Local Matters?

Time to win big

Stakeholder and non-profit fatigue set in about 3:30 in the afternoon as many began to move to the exits with their tables and trinkets. This thinned out the crowd somewhat but for those with their eyes set on a raffle prize 5:00 was the magic hour. And it seemed that everyone who stayed got a prize. Which might be a pleasant harbinger for the neighborhood as a whole.

*Councilman Klein also deserves special thanks for even coming back after presenting his ideas for increased penalties for graffiti, an idea that not endear him to all residents at a recent civic association meeting.