For many urban enthusiasts a dumpster can be an exciting find filled with goodies. Each year one of the many civic entities that govern us and the City join forces to rid our surroundings of the detritus caused by migrating bands of students. This naturally involves putting the stuff somewhere and Weinland Park*  is usually the natural choice. Last years placement of the dumpsters in East Weinland Park was not popular with neighbors as every manner of trash was deposited much of which seemed to become airborne at some point. Their voices were heard and this year the dumpster park is in West Weinland Park. Is it packed full of cool, discarded antiques and early modern classics? Perhaps the Eastsiders didn’t really know what they had?

A sign from the city enumerating the acceptable trash items, bed head boards, various types of furniture, and carpet.

The National Register listed Felix Jacobs House framed by the possible dumpster goldmine.

Strikeout., it appears the eastside neighbors knew what they talking about. In fact, half this stuff isn’t even supposed to in here. Mostly yard waste and some metal thing. Easier money for the scrappers than shredding mattresses for the springs which is the newest commodity craze in Weinland Park.

More yard stuff and some nasty couches; another strikeout. So far the WP student bulk trash pick-up has been a bust. Hopefully no one will torch a dumpster and the neighborhood can avoid another 3:00 A.M.  media appearance . Fingers are crossed that the dumpsters will maintain their westward migration and appear in the Circles next year. In any case. the some of the loose stuff should blow over there anyway.

*If a giant pile of cotton candy and a herd of unicorns were deposited in the same spot it would be in the Short North.