The newest NCAA Ohio State football season sanction – No couch burning.

The WP dumpster action has not been overly productive. There seems to be a preponderance of exceptionally homely upholstered furniture and not even the kind with pheasants or covered wagons.  No early modern classics or anything of relative interest yet. A healthy fear of bedbugs has kept your local blogger on the edge of the dumpster so far but he doubts that there is more in there than meets the eye.

Since this particular portion of Weinland Park, which has the largest area of greenspace surrounded by National Register of Historic Places listed buildings outside of Schiller or Goodale Park, is a transfer station trucks are constantly unloading and full dumpsters are removed. This presents opportunity and challenge for the seasoned dumpster diver since it requires constant vigilance and some time investment to monitor.

In the old days they used to shred this type of thing or the person in possession was supposed to eat it- Marine Corps documents something or other

Your local blogger is starting to see what the East Weinland Park residents were complaining about last year. Since the claw works fairly indiscriminately loose papers and such do land outside of the dumpster and the immediate area starts to look dump-like.  Recovered objects today, all outside the dumpster and some of it starting to blow around the neighborhood,  included some military training documents about making improvised explosive devices, passwords for some type of money wire transfer, and $1.42 in change. Perhaps the change was shaken out of the couches? Items noted but not collected included a smashed sombrero, three legged plastic chair and various homework assignments for business students who apparently are anti-recycling. And the furniture strongly indicates they could use more design guidance in their future.