Oh, we’ll get it, we have a litter team.*

It’s starting to get messy. And thus far there have been no big finds. Your local blogger’s theory; the City guy thinks it’s the SWACO guys job to pick up the loose stuff and vice versa.

Help us out people, we’re trying to sell houses here. The lottery has been conducted for 14 Neighborhood Stabilization Program houses, selling for pennies on the dollar, and people are checking out the neighborhood. For months we’ve been trying to look our best and be extra engaged neighbors having viewed with trepidation the crime wave to the south in Italian Village.**  The WPCCA Litter team has been scouring the streets and the safety team is out at night. Of all the Short North neighborhoods we got it covered.

But the whole trash/dumpster farm episode in the dead center of Weinland Park brings to mind a number of completely disparate thoughts, as do most things that happen in Weinland Park.

1. One immediately asks the perpetual Weinland Park question: Would this type of thing fly in Bexley? Which begs the next question: Then why is it ok here?

2. The kids today have horrible design sense and the vast majority of the items constituted blight long before they hit the alley.  Were they forced to take this stuff at gunpoint? Just another sign of national decline? Cutting arts education pays off again?

3. A lot of the stuff is just trash, not bulk pick-up items. From a brief survey of the debris field it appears that almost everyone in the University District purchased a new cell phone accessory last week or they have stored the packaging in their couch for the last six months. But you have to pay for recycling so why not just stuff it under the cushion?

4. How long does it last? Your local blogger thought they’d be done by now.

5. Someone is picking this stuff up, right? Because your local blogger is going to be pissed if he has to do it.

Deal or no deal?

Two different schools of thought. A free recliner with every home purchase or why would I buy a house here if it’s this dirty and they never pick up the trash i.e. no city services. There should be a new rule; whatever neighborhood has the biggest rate of property value appreciation gets the dumpster farm next year.

*And since we take pride in our neighborhood we do have a litter team and a safety team.

** WP residents have been worried about the Italian Village crime wave for a while. From the July 2011 Civic Association Safety Committee meeting notes.

Two residents had recently expressed concern that a series of burglaries in Italian Village might spread to Weinland Park. Officer Smith said he couldn’t determine the extent of the burglaries because of a problem with CDP’s computerized records. He said, however, that of greater concern may be a recent problem with groups of juveniles assaulting people for their money and cell phones.”

Maybe you’d like to borrow our safety team? You know, before it affects our property values.