Starting off the things we don’t need week is the proposed Walgreens at 7th and High. Your local blogger was concerned about the curb cut in the middle of the block placed there on the premise that there is already one there. A misplaced concept if there ever was one. There’s also the concern about materials etc since all the renderings are black and white. But problems with the building can be rectified.

And black and white leads to another problem that your local blogger was unaware of because in full disclosure he is white. But apparently Walgreens has some problems with people of color to the tune of a $24,000,000 settlement for discriminating against thousands of their black employees. Now granted since the Walgreens will be new it will undoubtedly be named the Short North Walgreens with the race and class connotations that nomenclature carries but whatever it gets called doesn’t mitigate the fact that it’s a company that will hassle 50 percent of my neighbors and be located in a neighborhood that is 50 percent people of color. Perhaps the $24,000,000 made them see the light but your local blogger is somewhat cynical. Not to mention we already have a pharmacy across the street and Kroger’s has been hiring people of color in Columbus since 1961. So this might be something better suited for another neighborhood where this type of thing is better appreciated because it isn’t here.