Change in coming from all directions and it mostly involves paving something.

It’s somewhat odd that someone would make a yard mud to the very edges of the property but perhaps this means all new landscaping and an end to all those pesky dandelions. The house, located on Hamlet and 11th only has off-street parking which might make it difficult to pack in some students and you have to get a zoning variance to convert the yard to parking. It used to be a problem in student rental conversions that the new owner could argue that the yard was gravel or paved when they bought it making it easier to get a variance in absence of evidence to the contrary.

EDIT: Nov. 11. There is actually grass planted.

And then there was Google Earth – looks pretty green from space.

Parking lot in the making

It’s a yard with a car in it not a parking lot.

Equally classy in the front, getting ready for the Michigan game. In some cities the landlord gets a stiff fine for trash in the front yard.

The new and improved Grant Avenue between 5th and 11th Avenues with new houses being built on 6th Street. It will be interesting when the two types of changes come together.