Tonight on Hamlet between 7th and 8th Avenues arson 13 took place. The duplex, while in pretty poor condition with foundation issues, having caught on fire once before, etc. was one of the last to not have been altered in virtually any fashion. And it was one of the larger houses on the block with a nice second story sun porch on each side. It also had the original siding, trim, windows and such too. Although this house was probably going to be demolished anyway it would still be nice to take them apart for their constituent parts. A nice labor intensive task in a neighborhood that could use some jobs.

It seemed to be touch and go as to whether the houses on either side would go up too. The people in both houses were evacuated and the was great excitement when the firemen produced a little white dog for some kids.

A video of fireman evacuating the houses adjacent

Your local blogger and others were thankful the whole block didn’t go up. One can see how a fire could quickly spread without the quick response of the Columbus Fire Department.

The morning after

The houses are a little too close together for this type of thing.

The vacant lot in the foreground is the result of a previous arson this year. The apartment on the right goes through various stages of being secured. The white house is the only thing holding off a half a block of new development. And while your local blogger doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories at times it does make you scratch your head for a minute. And even stranger all the buildings pictured by this theater group have been torched. House/Divided. Coincidence?! Plus the New York connection and the involvement of the  Ohio State Knowlton School of Architecture makes a complicated web.

Please vote for your favorite 2011 Weinland Park conspiracy theory. 2012 will bring a new one.

As neighbors gather at events such as this talk quickly turns to who might be responsible. There seems to be a fairly narrow range of possibilities voiced, for instance, intelligent life from outer space is never fingered as the culprit. As one might expect the usual suspects include those a little higher in the power structure and the more marginalized among us. But since everyone enjoys a good conspiracy theory and it takes a special sense of humor to live in Weinland Park here is your chance to chime in with yours.

And don’t forget to call 311 if you see something that ought to be boarded up that isn’t!