So what’s happening in the four corners of Weinland Park lately. Lot’s of planning might equal lots of action.


Possible site of a farmers’ market or a recreation center. You decide.

The southeast corner the subject of the MORPC agrarian overlay to enable Weinland Park to sever itself from the world food supply. Or be a recreation center. Or a jobs center, or something. There are multitude of ideas ranging from those supplied by the Knowlton School to anyone who attended one of the community planning meeting. One thing is known for certain. You can have a lot of meetings with $865,000 which was the amount of the planning grant. It also gets you a lot of plans and a ton of class projects. But what is going to be built there? And the answer seems to be whatever the community raises the money for to build there. Estimates for the aforementioned projects range from the couple of million dollars to a couple times a couple million dollars. With that much money the entire neighborhood could move to Cancun which is one of the few ideas that have not been mentioned. But what happens if the Weinland Park, one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city does not raise millions?

Come up with $4,000,000 or else.

The original plan was apartments over retail. Only time will tell what happens here. If you see someone from Weinland Park, give them some money.


Hey kids*, too scared to spray paint something in Lewis Center because your mom will catch you?

11th Ave between Grant and North Fourth looks like it might be finally ready to be restored. Weinland Park’s own National Register Historic District and gateway to Ohio State is up for an Ohio State Historic Tax Credit in June. Keep your fingers crossed. The other choice – some type of mall advocated by Andres Duany and the co-authors of the Smart Growth Manual because he didn’t know it was a historic district, nor did he really care. But the details of actual planning can be messy.


Something by Campus Partners although no one really knows yet. Now a lot of trees and a lone house on 9th Avenue. It might not be too late to mention a Frisbee golf course to Campus Partners or a par three real golf course. The number is in the phone book. Think about it Weinland Park and golf.


A thrift store at 5th and High although no news about that lately. Most recently the site of the Halloween Highball although that was in the Short North.

*As the neighborhood becomes safer there seems to be less gang graffiti and more suburban kid graffiti. Back in the day some Arlington kid spray painting in the Short would have been pistol-whipped. But now, with no one around and the no-snitching rule still in effect in some areas it’s become easier. So, my challenge to the young graffiti artist. Do it in Upper Arlington or Powell where someone actually needs to be jolted out of their suburban complacency-like your soccer loving mom.