Whilst biking around the neighborhood the other day your local blogger noticed a sign that said, attention investors for sale” surrounded by child-like drawings of flowers. Some cursory research showed the house was owned by someone in Dayton, and had been since 1955. A little talking with some neighbors revealed that they had received some type of real estate offer, in crayon, from the same address on 5th Street. So, the whole thing sounded like one  of scams where the person sells the house before they own it. Which is now illegal although it didn’t use to be until recently.

Cometas by Adolfo Halty-Dube

However, that’s not the interesting part. The owner before the current owner was Uruguayan artist, Adolfo Halty-Dube, who now qualifies as Weinland Park’s most famous resident artist  until someone else in the neighborhood gets in the Carnegie International as Halty did in 1952 while he was  a resident on Fifth Street. Or represents their country at the Venice Biennale  as he did for Uruguay in 1960. Halty lived in Weinland Park from 1950-1955 while he worked at Ohio State.

This is pretty high on the “who would have thought” scale – that someone who lived in the WP was in the Venice Biennale not to mention beating current Columbus Biennale alumna Ann Hamilton by 47 years. Yet another WP first!