Recently Weinland Parkers learned that the philanthropic dollars that support the civic association newsletter and the community festival are drying up. While this really isn’t any big surprise and no one thought it would last forever it does mean that in order to have a bouncy house this year  at the festival that additional income streams and more creative thinking has to take place.

Not to mention that some other things haven’t been going our way lately. The two-way conversion of 4th and Summit seems to have gone the way of the street car and even the little things like re-striping the lanes and changing the timing of the lights have been deemed too expensive and or not feasible i.e. worthless. And it’s become painfully obvious that the only way to get it done is to do it ourselves.

So, let’s get busy!

You’ve seen the signs. Good things are coming here too. Right after we make them.

ODOT has squashed almost every improvement and traffic calming measure that the Weinland Park Mobility Plan Steering Committee thought up. So, attention people speeding through the WP. You got to take it to Rt 71. Since much is been made lately of murals and keeping the youth engaged it’s time to kill two birds with one stone. Seriously, who in Weinland Park can’t drive a can of spray paint?

Sharrows on 4th and Summit – 40 cans of spray paint*

Coming soon, the long awaited bike lanes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spray paint this on the street. Just quick reflexes. So, if you’re going to Clintonville the new homemade sharrow will be on the west side of the street so it lines up with the bike path to nowhere that ends by the entrance ramp to 670. Stay out of it – it’s for bikes.

On Summit Street the homemade sharrow will be on your right. Stay out of it. It’s for bikes. Remember that while it’s called a “sharrow” that’s just a term for it and it’s nice to share but don’t count on it. If you wanted the “share” kind the state should have made them.

*at 8-10 square feet per can.

Homemade speed bumps – just stuff we find around the neighborhood

Going down 4th and Summit at 50 mph is a thing of the past folks. And chances are great that it’s not be a fancy Costco speed bump like the one above either. Whatever is in the road is there for a purpose – to make you slow down. That piece of 4 x 8 plywood with 200 nails in the middle of the street is for you Mr. Type A weaving from lane to lane at 55 mph SUV driver.  So be alert and go slow.

Parking is no longer free anywhere if you’re not from here

While many locations may not have metered parking that does not mean it doesn’t cost anything. Find the nearest person and offer them money for parking and say, “you can keep half and give the other half to Joyce for the bouncy houses.” If the person looks confused don’t give them the money. They are not from the neighborhood. If they do appear aware of the plan politely point out where your car is located and how long you expect to be gone. Punctuality counts. Don’t be late.

What happens if I don’t pay?

The youth will muralize your car. You may be able to pick the color,  subject matter or advocate for design changes but there is no guarantee.

So remember as you pass through Weinland Park or park here there are three basic rules:

Stayout of the homemade “sharrow” lane – it’s really not for sharing, it’s for bikes.

Go slow

Pay to park if you’re not from here

Thank you!

And WP’ers its time to unite for positive change. Make a “sharrow” or a homemade speedbump and make a difference in your neighborhood.