It’s really too hot for this type of thing

In stereotypical fashion your local blogger usually associates petty car break-ins with the Short North neighborhoods like Italian Village, Victorian Village and Harrison West and arson with Weinland Park.

But now that we’re officially part of the Short North, sign-wise anyway, we get the best of both worlds. Last night in the alley behind Hamlet Street at 4:00 A.M. near the D & J two dumpsters were set on fire and there were broken windows on at least five cars. But in the usual added twist that keeps Weinland Park interesting one of the cars that was broken into was also set on fire. Having your car broken into is one thing. And having your dumpster set on fire sucks too. But having your car broken into and then set on fire is, well….

The firemen asked that if you see anything in Weinland Park that looks suspicious to call the proper authorities immediately. It appears as if the arson season may be back upon us after a brief respite.