Your local blogger often wonders what do people who come to Weinland Park think about it. Do people really care for their neighborhood? And do people think that we do care. Often the answer seems to be no.

Yesterday, the Rock City Church, gave away 300 backpacks for kids going back to school. And they also seem to have had quite the party because it is still there.

Now, countless volunteers and residents work almost year around to plant flowers, mulch and keep the park clean. And then on rare occasions some group from outside the neighborhood comes and completely trashes it. Maybe they figure no one cares.

The system is not give something, leave something.

What are they thinking. That no one will notice?

The kids got backpacks…


Glue sticks…never too early to start crafting.

Crayons…looks like periwinkle but wouldn’t a copy of Photoshop make the kids a little competitive in the global economy?
Here’s hoping for a miracle and all the stuff disappearing.

It’s been cleaned up. Thanks!