The Dispatch reported today that crime in Weinland Park has dropped 48% from last year. And indeed it has gotten much quieter in the neighborhood. In fact, so much so that the old game of firework or gunfire is in danger of being a thing of the past and a mere t-shirt slogan.

But is it really the cameras or the fact that every time your local blogger looks out the window there is a guy walking down the street with a yoga mat? It’s an effort to assault someone with a yoga mat. Pretty soon it’s going to be just like the rest of the Short North. And there are people with fixed gear bicycles towing kids around in those little bike trailers. People running. This was disturbing at first. Why are they running. I don’t see anything. Why aren’t they carrying something. I didn’t hear any gunshots.  Oh, they’re exercising.

What indignity will the urban pioneer suffer next? A chai and quinoa stand?

The Weinland Park blog took a weekend break and added to the “about” section, rewrote some history etc. In other taking a break news Woody and Jo’s hasn’t been open lately. Has it?