You’ve seen the signs as you drive up North Fourth and now the good things are finally here. As advertised in Columbus Underground, Wednesday is the official ground breaking for the new houses being built by Wagenbrenner Development and Rockford Homes at North Fourth and Eighth Avenue dubbed N4E8 (pronounced en-for- e- ate, the second e is long. “Enforiate” can also be used as a verb if you are going or working on the project. Usage: I’m going to to enforiate with Ed Leonard, the Franklin County Treasurer.)

The action starts at 10:00 A.M. However, expectations should be tempered. Unfortunately there will probably not be a bouncy house packed with city officials. Chances of free Jeni’s Ice Cream are slim. Having attended the rumored implosion of the previous apartment buildings your local blogger says be ready for a couple speeches and smiles all around as the neighborhood basks in the glow of good things. And after the recent derailment we can tell a good glow from a bad glow.

Another WP first – If the city turned on the water on the lot the blue pex water hook-ups would make excellent fountains – 10 of them, in fact, beating Goodale Park in the fountain race. 

Other things to consider are early arrivals will have the first shot at taking home the abandoned car seat at the back of the lots. But you’ll be on camera the whole time so don’t make any sudden or untoward moves. Act natural.