The former Bristol/Bar L’etranger and the Hamlet apartments on the north side of Fifth Avenue with everyone’s favorite bath salts store, the S&K on the south side of Fifth Avenue.

The southern end of Weinland Park, or more appropriately the borderlands area between Italian Village and Weinland Park is undergoing some change lately and much more is probably due. Between High and Summit, Out of the Closet is going to build their thrift store at Fifth Avenue and High Street. The G&L Carryout on Fifth and Indianola is on the verge of losing their liquor license.

The Hamlet

But in the middle of Fifth Avenue, the affordable housing movement in Weinland Park continues. Homeport, the affordable housing people, are looking at the Hamlet between Summit and Hamlet for a Low-Income Tax Housing Credit (LITHC) renovation project. This, assuming they receive the tax credits, will lock in the building as affordable rental housing* for the next 15 years and possibly 30 years depending on various factors of the tax credit deal. The building takes up most of the block between Summit and Hamlet as it’s sandwiched between the old Bristol-Bar/L’etranger and the Spore Infoprint which begs the question about retail and development opportunities – what will become of the the old S&K Market now that they are out of the bath salts business and what of the old Bristol space? And will affordable housing in that location spur retail investment or lock the area into a holding pattern?