Occasionally the Weinland Park blog hears rumors that are too good to not to repeat. Mind you, these are just rumors and the the WPB has made absolutely no attempt at fact checking and just repeats the stories more or less verbatim although occasional embellishment cannot be discounted. This weeks rumor-mongering center on properties that might be goldmines for the owners.

fifth aveGoldmine # 1

Rumor has it that Walmart and Fifth Avenue Lumber are in negotiations about extending Fields Avenue to provide access for a new Walmart store on the Timken site. However, since it makes little difference to Fifth Avenue Lumber whether Walmart shoppers can shave off 1.8 minutes in travel time it’s a sellers market for the owners of the eastern strip of the lumber yard.

Remember these are all unsubstantiated rumors so if it’s not true you’ve been warned and if it is true you heard it here first.