The landlord doesn’t think there’s a problem.

This afternoon was the first drive-by shooting in a while in the WP.  Someone took about four shots at the occupants of 1328 N. 4th Street.  WP residents know that this house has been a problem for a while. A large fight involving the tenants and some people from south side closed N. 4th a while back. More  recently some other non-fans of the house shot up the back of the house in what can only be termed as a hail of gunfire as heard by your local blogger.


WP residents have been complaining about the house to our liaison officer, who is very sympathetic but until you catch them in the act there’s not much the police can do.


Look for it on the news

The media made record time in showing up for a drive-by shooting at 1:30 in the afternoon next to an elementary school.  This type of thing is not going to help home sales.


Closed for rush hour – thanks dude

Since there are shell casings all over the middle of N. 4th Street it’s closed and all the normal traffic is being diverted up Hamlet St. Fortunately, it’s so jammed up people can’t go very fast.


The landlord himself actually lives in what appears to be a fairly posh apartment complex near Worthington. It’s nice the neighborhood is able to put him up in such comfort. Too bad it’s becoming such a bother for us.

BIG EDIT: your local blogger has discovered that there are two people with the exact name, including middle, as the owner of the house where the shooting took place. So, as to not to unfairly malign someone who doesn’t own the rental house with the wrong picture of the owners house the original picture here has been removed. The blog extends its apologies to the owners of the original house if anyone asked them how their crack house was doing…

Stay tuned though your local blogger is quite sure about the owners in the rest of the series.

“Where do they live?” is a continuing series about people who live in nice quiet neighborhoods while profiting from the occasional mayhem in Weinland Park.