Kroger is mean-spirited.

It appears that the Short North Kroger has introduced a grocery cart that won’t leave the parking lot. On occasion Weinland Park residents would notice a cart or two in the neighborhood tree lawns and there was guy who would come around and pick them up. A couple weeks ago your local blogger talked with the guy who used to drive around Weinland Park and pick up the carts from the Kroger’s store.  Besides being a super nice the guy it was also a pretty interesting conversation. He’d pick up about 40 carts a day in the neighborhood for the first two weeks of the month and then it would taper off sharply. For the rest of the month he’d just go around every other day and get the carts. Then the monthly cycle would start over around the first of the month.

Since the definition of a food desert is not having access to vegetables and other healthy foods the new cart set up goes a long way in making Weinland Park a food desert for those who don’t have many transportation options. Carrying a load of fruits and vegetables across Weinland Park is not a treat. And obviously some people who take their carts home are on some type of food assistance given the weekly variation in the number of carts out there at any given time. It just adds another burden to our less fortunate neighbors. Not to mention the irony of spending almost a million dollars on solving the Weinland Park food desert problem and then removing the method of transporting fruits and vegetables for those most affected is too rich. So, if you were irked about the carts in the neighborhood feel free to help someone carry their groceries home. They might need the help.