Don’t worry about the sky, Toto, all the houses have basements.

It’s time for the next round of market rate housing in Weinland Park.* Located across the street from the former Columbus Coated Fabric site the new build houses are named Grant Park to disassociate the development with its nearby industrial past. Your local blogger isn’t really sure this is necessary since Columbus Coated Fabrics rolls off the tongue much better than the previous names for Wagenbrenner’s other brownfield development, Harrison West, which was known alternatively as, “the old butter factory where the ground was so grease-soaked that rats could subsist on the topsoil,” or “the place where they made the cream for Twinkies.” Whether either of these is true is a subject of debate. But it makes Coated Fabric sound positively quaint and domestic. Of course, all that greasy stuff was cleaned up long ago so if you live in Harrison West don’t worry about an open flame in the backyard.


Ample front porches.

There will be three models available and all will have a finished basement available, two car garage in most instances on a 28 ft x  98 ft. to 114 ft. lot.  Other options are being bandied about are LEED features and bioswales/water gardens depending on market response. Brick exteriors are also being explored. Construction starts in the fall at 6th and Grant and the houses, four in the beginning,  will be available in the spring.


There will also be innumerable color choices, actually 18, and the opportunity to jigger about the facade if one feels strongly about how things look in your rear view mirror.


Prices points are currently thought to be in the low $200,000 range. Grant Avenue is platted for 38 houses so in the end it will look much like Harrison West with a mixture of single family homes and fee-simple townhomes, currently thought to be priced less than the houses, located on the actual Coated Fabric Grant Park site. There will even be a park too although unfortunately Mt. Wagenbrenner is slated to disappear soon. So think of it as Harrison West at the half the price. And it’s closer to the center of the Short North. If you live in Harrison West it’s 4424 feet to the Rossi but if you live in Grant Park it’s only 3600 feet. That’s more time eating and drinking and less time hiking  – because god knows there’s no place to park there now.


Yes, you can live here too.

*The first foray into Weinland Park market rate housing is this soon-to-be completely renovated c. 1908 American Foursquare located on Hamlet near 7th Avenue. It will also be available in the spring. Close to the park and surrounded by mostly owner-occupied, single-family homes with pleasant neighbors on a tree-lined street. In addition, there are a number of vacant lots in Weinland Park where Wagenbrenner can build you a single family home like those pictured above. Interested? email Mike Amicon at mamicon (at) wagco.com for more info.