It’s not in Weinland Park but it could be…


So, you live next door to a nice little American Foursquare that needs a some work. Maybe someone will buy it and fix it up? Fingers crossed for nice neighbors.

DSCN5556And so someone buys the house and then adds a whole other house on the back so it goes from 3 bedrooms to 7 or 8 bedrooms. Of course, the owners aren’t going to live there. It would be too noisy and there’s no place to park. Not to mention the yard/parking lot will not be that attractive.

DSCN5555This type of thing wouldn’t fly in Italian Village or Victorian Village but it’s perfectly legal in the University District. This house is at 404 Wyandotte.  As the crow flies it is farther from the front door of the Ohio State Main Library than the Godman Guild.

DSCN5557The new neighbors will need 5 or 6 new parking spots so move your car and getting ready to bake a pie. Make that 8 pies.

And don’t forget to attend the University District planning meetings because until this is illegal it could happen next door to you too.