If you’ve been driving around you now know that it’s that time of year known as Move In/Move Out. The special period when students and other young adults move from one slum property to another in the hopes that their high dollar rent will buy a little more than it did the year before. An integral part of the tradition is abandoning a large portion of your belongings along the way. In previous years, the city stationed dumpsters about and they were emptied fairly regularly. Due to budget cuts the city didn’t do it this year. Ohio State did position some dumpsters about but the area was much smaller. They weren’t emptied often enough. Some were set on fire. Probably because there were couches in them and that’s what you do with a couch. Torch it for a special occasion. Since the mayor and city council are too busy planning their upcoming trip to Club Fed the only thing to do is to call 311 often. It’s unfortunate that people just moving here probably think it looks like this all the time. Consequently, why keep it neat and tidy the rest of the year. It sets a bad example and people who come here doing this period think it’s a slum. It’s also incredibly disappointing to pick up litter throughout the year and in the short course of a couple weeks be back to square one.

It’s been remarked in some quarters that the University District looks like a disaster area. So, let’s test your skills of observation by letting you, the viewer, decide what debris field is a natural disaster and which one is the University District. Get your pencils ready!

Question: What photograph is in University District and what photograph is the aftermath of a federally declared major natural disaster?

IMG_0549                        A

DSCN3779a                        B



DSCN9357                        D





IMG_0572                        G


A  University District, Sohud, 2015

B  Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Super Storm Sandy, 2012

C  Seaside Heights, New Jersey, Super Storm Sandy, 2012

D  University District, Euclid Avenue, 2015

E   Fairfield, Connecticut, Super Storm Sandy, 2012

F   University District, Hamlet Street, 2015

G   University District, SoHud, 2015

Give yourself 1 point for each correct answer and zero points for each wrong answer.

7 points – Why aren’t you running for mayor?!

6 points – Ok, whoever got 7 points is going to appoint you director of development

5 points –  So the blue recycling bins gave a couple of them away

4 points –  You are average

3 points –  Have you thought about being on City Council?

2 points and below – To be fair, maybe you’re not from around here.

While it’s hard to predict the landing point of a hurricane years in advance the arrival of the students is somewhat more predictable. One might think that if the city and Ohio State cared at all about the neighborhood that they might try to mitigate the absolutely predictable disaster every year. Because there’s a big difference between a natural disaster and complete indifference..


Photo Credit: A and G, Bob Singleton. Used entirely without permission.